Day 9 - Park City to Jackson Hole

We started Day 9 with a side trip up to Park City, UT, where the Utah Olypmic Park is located ... also the Sundance Film Festival. We saw young athletes training for the Winter Olympics, even in the summer.

This is our local guide, Bill, who told us all about the different sliding sports, such as the luge, seen here.


Skeleton. You lie down, head first, on this one.

The track these run on is 1335 meters long, and is one of the fastest in the world, with athletes reaching speeds of up to 90 mph. Of course in the winter, it's covered with snow.

This young man was practicing while we were there. Look closely in pic 3 ... he's airborne.

Some athletes practice their skills jumping into a pool of water.

This is the "zip line." You start at the top of the hill, to the left of the 90 and 120 meter ski jumps, and slide down at about 50 mph.

The black door in front of the "zipper" opens suddenly and for 2-3 seconds it feels like you're falling off the side of the mountain. Bill gets ready.

Three zippers are away - Bill, Gretchen, Jill.

We left Olympic Park and went into Park City - a very campy place. Here's the No Name Saloon.

At the Flame sculpture, medals were given out during the 2002 Olympics.

We left Park City and headed to Jackson Hole. After a few hours we arrived and stretched our legs.

On each corner of the town square arches have been made from the antlers shed by elk each year.

After a fine sushi dinner we bedded down, looking forward to touring the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone Park the next day, on Day 10.