Day 5 - Glaciers, Lakes and Falls from Lake Louise to Jasper

We left Lake Louise and headed to Jasper. We saw dozens of glaciers, lakes and falls along the way. First was the Crow Foot Glacier, so named because it looks like the claws on a crow's foot.

Crow Foot Glacier.

Bow Glacier which feeds Bow Lake.

Next stop was Peyto Lake.

Bill and Nancy at Peyto Lake.

Next we stopped at Mt. Cepheron and Waterfowl Lake.

And then we arrived at Athabasca Glacier and the Columbia Icefields.

The view of Athabasca Glacier from the visitor's center was impressive. Notice the little dark dots about half way up the glacier. Those are Ice Explorers that transport people out onto the glacier itself.

Ice Explorers on the glacier.

We're transported to the Ice Explorer terminal where we board our vehicle and head for the glacier.

Intrepid travelers on Athabasca Glacier.

There were great views of nearby glaciers which are fed by the icefield. This is Andromeda Glacier.

There was also visible evidence of recent avalanches.

After everyone had a good look around on the glacier we boarded our Ice Explorer for the trip back to the visitor's center.

Back at the visitor's center we can see nearby Dome Glacier.

Dome Glacier close up.

Roland is waiting to greet us back onto our Brewster bus to continue our touring.

Back on the road again, we pass Tangle Falls.

Roland stops the bus occasionally for an animal sighting.

Next stop - Athabasca Falls.

The falls from the nearby bridge.

Below the bridge.

Athabasca Falls from the side.

From the Falls we went several miles upstream and got ready for our Athabasca River raft trip. As you can tell from the attire, some getting wet was to be expected.

Before we boarded our guide, Mark, gave us the obligatory instructions and warnings. Eighteen of us loaded onto one of the rafts.

Nancy and I sat across from each other near the oars. Here's Charlie, Joe, Thea, and Nancy.

Mark was our guide and helmsman.

Our fellow travelers on the other end of the raft.

Between the rain and the splash from the Class 2 rapids most of us were thoroughly soacked by the time we got off, but it was a great adventure and a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we visit Jasper and Maligne Lake on Day 6. Or return to Main Menu.