Day 8 - Rocky Mountaineer from Kamloops to Vancouver

We left Kamloops on the Rocky Mountaineer pulling 23 cars with over 500 people aboard. Our car was near the end so we occasionally got a glimpse of the string of cars and engines ahead of us.

The landscape along the river we followed was dry and barren like parts of the American Southwest. It was beautiful, in stark contrast to the lakes, rivers and glaciers we had seen thus far.

We got our first bald eagle sighting pretty quickly.

Our train frequently crossed bridges over the river so sometimes the river was on the left, sometimes on the right.

We passed a bridge where osprey had built a nest from twigs and bright contruction plastic they had found.

This osprey had built her nest atop an abandoned electric line pole.

The landscape had beautiful hues of beige, blue, and green.

Another large bird nest along the river.

The nest close up.

The river takes a wide turn. You can see our lead engine.

Such isolation.

Hoodoos, caused by wind erosion.

"She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes."

Another bald eagle sighted, checking out the river for breakfast.

A couple "fixer uppers" with a river view.


Our Rocky Mountaineer nears a tunnel, passing under avalanche protectors.

Teepees along the river.

Yet another cool river view.

And another.

At Lytton the muddy Fraser River joins the clear Thompson River. The distinction between the two rivers can be seen for about 2 miles.

View across the river to the other side. There's a set of train tracks used by a different line.

Hell's Gate, where the river narrows and a greater volume of water than flows through Niagra Falls funnels through a gorge only 34 meters wide.

As we neared Vancouver we passed some friendly kids picking blueberries.

We were met at the train station by the bus that took us to our hotel. The Vancouver skyline is in the background.

Our hotel.

Several of us went out to dinner and on the walk back we spied this weathervane. Unusual.

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