Day 3 - At Sea - Underway to Tallin, Estonia

After a very long day of touring Berlin the day before, a day at sea was a welcomed rest. We spent most of the day on the top, pool deck and in the spa.

One of several pools on the ship.


A roving troubador entertaining the sunbathers.


Some hot tubs became family affairs.


Lots of kids. Enjoying the central pool.


Plenty of deck space for grabbing some rays.


Navigation, security cameras, etc.


Lots of families on this cruise.


I tried to get Norm and Jim to go down this slide with me. It didn't happen.


Deck chairs along the sides, the entire length of the ship.


This gal was enjoying her ice cream.


I was enjoying her enjoying it.


Another family hot tub.


After spending time on the pool deck we wandered down to the spa. There is food everywhere you turn on this ship. Ice cream seemed to be popular.


The spa attendant checks us in.


This is how I spent the next couple hours. The spa is located all the way aft, with a nice view of where we've been. It's especially nice to hang out here as we're pulling away from the differnt ports.


I made friends with the Russian ship's photographer in Berlin, as he accompanied our tour. He went around during dinner, taking pictures of people that you can buy later if you want.


This was the most dressed up we got on the cruise. This staircase was a popular spot for photos.


Nancy, lookin' good!


Nancy and I had a competition to see who could take the best sunset photo. She won with this shot.


Tonight's towel animal also involved a pillow!

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