Day 5 - St. Petersburg - Peterhof

After our subway trip, Alexi drove us to Peterhof, the grand palace grounds of Peter the Great.


When the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, the gold topped onion domes shone briliantly.


Ornately finished.


Another view.


Nancy in front of the East Chapel.


Spectacular colors!


Norm and Mary Lou.


A trellised pathway on the grounds.


Formal gardens in front of the main palace entrance.


Tidying up the new growth.


Many fountains in the gardens.


Cherub fountain with dolphins.


The East Chapel from the gardens.


Close up of the Chapel spires.


Taking a rest and enjoying the view.


Virineya was well versed in the history of Peterhof.


We walked down to see the lower gardens, passing the Orangery, or greenhouse. It now houses a restaurant for visitors to Peterhof.


The Roman Fountains.


The whimsical Checkerboard Cascade fountain. Note the creatures frolicking at the top of the fountain.


Checkerboard Cascade fountain creatures.


Yet another fountain with a woman in period dress. All the water for the fountains comes from a Russian mountain spring, all delivered here via canals and piping. All the fountains simply work because of gravity.


Sign warning tourists to be on guard for pick pockets. We were warned several times while in St. Petersburg.


Walking back to the palace, we passed the East Chapel again. Simply gorgeous!


The Grand Peterhof Palace and the Grand Cascade.


Sampson killing a lion with his bare hands.


Looking toward the Grand Cascade from the East side, as we ascend back to the top level of Peterhof and our transportation.


One last look back at the lower gardens and fountains. Our day of touring is not yet over.

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