Day 5 - St. Petersburg - Canal Boat Tour

Our guide, Virineya (or V), was largely responsible for the fantastic tour we had in St. Petersburg. After leaving the Church on Spilled Blood, she took us to the Canal Boat dock where she had arranged a floating tour through the canals of the city.


The low, wide canal boats squeezed beneath St. Petersburg's low bridges, affording a liesurely and excellent view of attractions along the banks.


Mary Lou and Norm were our forward lookouts.


Don't forget to duck your head!


Jim and Sondra admiring the facade.


Domes, domes, domes.


Up close.


The private apartment on the grounds of the Winter Palace where Tsar Alexander visited his mistress, Catherine.


Along the canal.


Passing Peter and Paul Fortress on the canal.


Closer look.


Closer still.


A military boat at anchor near the Fortress.


Russian Naval Ship.


Attention on deck.


Our canal boat passes where we were this morning, Strelka Vasilyevsky.


Winter Palace.


Jim taking in the view.


Along the canal.


Spectacular view.


Working on the dome.




Canal patrol.


Pedestrian canal overpass.


Heading back to the canal boat dock. It's been quite a day of touring!


One last look up at the buildings along the canal.


After a small crisis involving Bill losing his ship ID card, discovering he had left it on our tour van, and contacting Alexi to drive back to the customs building with it, we arrived back in our room at the end of Day 5. It was nice to be greeted by our friendly towel animal.

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