Day 9 - At Sea and Day 10 Going Home

It was a very full 9 days of touring the Baltic Capitals - Copenhagen, Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm. Fittingly, our last cruise day was at sea which gave us a chance to sleep in, relax, recover, eat, and hang out in the spa. And watch the windfarms and oil platforms go by.


The night before disembarking is reserved for packing and entertainment. Bill made sure to pack very carefully the Starbucks mug collection he had accumulated along the way, wondering if the Paris airport he would visit tomorrow had a Starbucks. [It didn't.]


We had a nightcap and enjoyed the entertainers we had followed while onboard, Tino and Ashley.


The next morning we arrived back in Copenhagen, where we had started our cruise. Norm (next door) and I checked out our arrival at the pier.


We bumped into a couple traveling buddies from the cuise, Chantay and Elwood, at Copenhagen Airport.


So until we meet again on the next adventure ...

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